Tiverton Castle is a wonderful, romantic and atmospheric Castle to visit and great fun for children.  Since it was originally built in wood in 1106 there have been a lot of changes to the building down the ages.  After 1293 it was rebuilt in stone, and then changing fashions, Civil War and climate damage have dictated further changes.  The moat was filled in and the land sold off many years ago;  so now there are only four acres left as an oasis of calm.


  • Try on some English Civil War Armour and imagine what it was like to wear such heavy and cumbersome kit
  • Admire the different ages of architecture
  • Learn the history of the Castle as you go round, and see the various displays relating to it.
  • See the medieval garderobes (loos) originally cleaned out by children
  • Read the various ghost stories and about secret passages
  • Feel the weight of a cannon ball; far heavier than you think.
  • See some interesting furniture and royal pictures.
  • Find out why there is a small Napoleonic collection in Tiverton.
  • Small family displays of current and previous owners of the Castle
  • Spend some time going round the beautiful walled gardens – interesting and rare plants, colourful borders, well-stocked kitchen garden, orchard, woodland garden.
  • You are allowed to sit on the chairs as you go round ‑ this is a private house, not National Trust property, and it will not be overcrowded.
  • Tiny shop selling inexpensive, good quality souvenirs mainly relating to the Castle.

If you are planning a day out including visiting Tiverton Castle check out many other local attractions nearby that we can recommend. Please see our Local Attractions / Links page.

Sorry, no dogs.

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